Smart Business Processes supported by advanced business solutions,

enabling your business to operate at the speed of thought.

Business Process Management consulting

A business is only as good as its execution of its processes. To have effective and efficient process execution, processes need to be carefully designed and transparently implemented throughout the organization, with active participation by all role players.

We specialise in assisting you through the design and deployment of processes which ultimately form the backbone of your Quality Management System (QMS) and your ability to satisfy ISO and other certification requirements.

Enterprise Architecture design & optimization

Your Enterprise Architecture (EA) should be an integrated system of organisation, business process and software systems to operate and support the business. A well designed architecture shall provide cost-effective operations and maximise ROI on systems investments.

We have both the process and systems solution knowledge to provide you with a well constructed EA that is both effective and efficient but also maintainable.

Turnkey systems design

We provide turnkey systems to meet your specifications which we help you define and compile.

We provide sound systems engineering principles together with agile and scrum techniques which allow us to quickly and cost-effectively deliver your solutions.

Mobile Solutions

Mobility and its impact on our daily lives is huge. We provide integrated mobility solutions with every aspect of our design.

Our solutions work on your laptop, desktop or in the field on your tablets, iPads and smart phones.


Workflow and automation of business process has become and is increasingly becoming a major part of business.

The application of workflow in solutions reduces error, provides a high level of process observability and therefor management oversight & control.

Special proposition for our clients

BPWorx can put you onto a roadmap which is well planned and sustainable by yourselves.

Our objective is to provide you with the best possible process and solution services and product.


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